Advanced transportation technology for the most reliable delivery service

Although there are many transportation companies in Ontario, few are as technology-driven as Chargo Truckload. We use the latest, state-of-the-art devices to ensure our deliveries are safe, punctual, and efficient.

Smoother delivery with automated maintenance

Every truck in our fleet is equipped with live, 24/7 GPS tracking technology. Moreover, this tracking system is available to you so that you can see exactly where your shipment is located at any given time.

Our trucks are also armed with sensors and automated devices that give us up-to-date information on our trucks’ condition, and ensure proper maintenance of all vehicles. This results in both far fewer breakdowns, and smoother, faster delivery of your valuable loads.

Electronic logging to reduce delays

Each driver at Chargo Truckload carries a tablet device allowing for a constant stream of updates. Meanwhile, our driver activities are logged electronically to ensure full compliance with the law. This translates into far less delays at inspection stations so that your goods are delivered on time.

  • Live 24/7 GPS tracking
  • E-logging of driver activities
  • Automated truck maintenance
  • Dry van service up to 53’
  • 24’ to 53’ flatbed transportation
  • Moffett lift trucks for safe unloading of your goods
  • Multi-axle trailers for heavy hauls

Family Integrity, Professional Service

We take pride in our ability to provide solutions for your transportation needs.

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What our clients say

“Honest and Reliable. If Chargo says they can, they WILL.”

Michael Trigiani
Account Manager, Traffic Tech